Art Gallery introduces its first women’s range of mod-style knitwear

by Modculture 24 November, 2014

Plenty of new designs have come and gone from Art Gallery, but all so far for men. But now that has been added to with its first-ever women’s range. Continue Reading

TukTuk offers buy one, get one free on its bespoke shirts

by Modculture 24 November, 2014

As the headline says, you can get two bespoke shirts for the price of one at TukTuk for a limited time. Continue Reading

Fred Perry 1960s-style cord bomber jacket

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

Fred Perry currently has a range for men and women by the name of Reissues. Essentially it is clothing inspired by classics from the Fred Perry archive. Not exactly one-to-one replicas, but as near as you get. This Fred Perry cord bomber jacket is one example. Continue Reading

Modernist Revival book returns in a second limited edition

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

We did feature this some weeks back and not long after, it sold out in ‘record time’ for the publisher. But worry not, as the Modernist Revival book has returned, alongside an exhibition and limited edition prints. Continue Reading

The Who and Paul Weller announce Hyde Park gig for 2015

by Modculture 17 November, 2014

If you like to book early, you can book for The Who and Paul Weller Hyde Park gig in 2015 this very week. Continue Reading

Graham Marsh-designed Vintage Ivy Collection shirts at Kamakura

by Modculture 16 November, 2014

If you know the name Graham Marsh, it could be because you own the wonderful The Ivy Look book or indeed, Michael Caine 1960s or the jazz-inspired Max and the Lost Note kids book. Regardless of that, you will probably want to take notice of the Graham Marsh-designed Vintage Ivy Collection shirts at Kamakura. Continue Reading

Keith Moon’s 1964 Ludwig drum kit going up for auction at Bonhams in London

by Modculture 14 November, 2014

If you are a Who fan, you could treat yourself to an early Christmas present – Keith Moon’s 1964 Ludwig drum kit, which is up for auction at Bonhams. Continue Reading

1960s-style scarves by Beat Surrender

by Modculture 10 November, 2014

A good number of these around right now, but with the price of Tootal scarves being at the premium end of the market, there is always likely to be opportunities for cheaper competition. Like Beat Surrender, for example. Continue Reading

Adidas Stockholm OG trainers reissued this weekend

by Modculture 7 November, 2014

Possibly good reason to stay up late – the Adidas Stockholm OG trainers are reissued this weekend and just might sell out soon very, very quickly. Continue Reading

Coming soon: That Cat Was Clean! The Mod Side Of Jazz budget collection

by Modculture 4 November, 2014

Some of you might recall Walk On The Wild Side – The Jazz Side Of Mod from May this year, which was a budget collection of mod-friendly jazz tunes from the 1960s. If that worked for you, then you might also want the equally budget That Cat Was Clean! The Mod Side Of Jazz on your shelves too. Continue Reading